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"The destiny is the one, who shuffles the cards, but we are those who play with them" — Schopenhauer

Check the Tarot with complete fidelity, with magical-intuitive algorithms based on your questions and your numerology, and not just with a random click.

With pleasure, we offer you for free the prediction of the Egyptian Tarot and the beautiful and mysterious Tarot of Marseille d'Epinal (1830), which still preserves the allegories of the ancient keys...


Tradition — chest of treasures — tell us that the teachings transmitted to the ancients by the Divine Intelligence, was preserved thanks to two nomadic peoples: the gypsy (Egyptian), who kept the symbols through the apparent card game, the Tarot; and the people of Israel, faithful custodian of the Tradition, the Cabala. Tarot, also called the sacred book of Thot, it's a synthesis of all the symbols used by the ancestors to explain the man and the cosmos. For its part, people of Israel received from Moses not only the written law, the Torah, but also the keys to interpret it: the Kabbalah, the sacred numerology; transmitted only from lips to ear, by strict tradition. Perhaps it is paradoxical that such important knowledge has been preserved by two of the most ferociously persecuted peoples in our history... Total: 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and 22 major Arcana of the tarot. Likewise, 72 Holy Names of the Lord and 78 Arcana (major + minor), with a difference of 6: The Star of six points, where Adonay pours out his grace. It is Tiphereth that balances everything and completes it. It is a fact that such nomadic peoples participated in Egyptian civilization origins, which also informed Pythagoras and Plato... Although Sacred Numerology was also cultivated by the ancient cultures: Chaldean, Babylonian, Mesoamerican, Chinese, Hindu, etc. No serious research on our civilization should omit the study of this Mysterious Knowledge... Tarot not only explains the mysteries of the man and the cosmos through its extraordinary symbology, but since long forgotten times it has been used for predictive purposes, and we seriously dedicate ourselves to its consultation on this Page, devoted to self-understanding — Homo Noscete Ipsum — and the most accurate prediction, which can provide both ancient wisdom and modern technology... Here you can consult the Tarot with complete fidelity, with magical-intuitive algorithms based on your numerology, and not just with a random click. The consultants participate with much more than a click, so the numerological answer of the system indicates more accurately its reading. This way we will get the most out of this ancient wisdom, by applying it in our everyday life... Dear visitor: We gladly offer you for free the prediction of the beautiful and mysterious Tarot of Marseille d'Epinal (1830) and the Egyptian Tarot of Saint Germain — the nineteenth century antecedent of the modern Egyptian tarots — that still preserve the allegories of the ancient keys... The consultation is done in the classical way for specific questions: One Major Arcana and two Minor Arcana are chosen, the total sum gives us the result, summarized in a Major Arcana. In the free version only the result is explained, the synthesis. Please, capture your birth date first, because the Tarot is indissolubly linked to numbers, especially to the days we are born ... And if you are looking for a serious oracle, of great spiritual content, you only need to think your question and click in ‘Consult’. For our subscribers — which always are Premium for us — we give consultation service with a wide explanation of all the Arcana, both major and minor, that answer your questions, with the following runs:

And, in all the runs, the synthesis card, *the Conclusion.

→ We really appreciate your visit... And, as we really respect our visiting friends, we avoid flattery and ambiguous interpretations, and we stick to the Old Texts to say both the positive and the negative that the Arcana announce. With all our kindness, we say that we are not going to flatter them and tell them that everything is nice... The Arcanas have their contrasts; nothing is totally even in this life... And any query must be analyzed in the context of the question and the personal situation of the consultant or interlocutor. We want to serve you with sincerity, without fanaticisms or ambiguities ... Therefore, we give you a compendium of what the ancient Kabbalists really said about the Tarot, so that your prediction has sustenance... Tarot is a monument to human ingenuity, which summarizes the ancestral wisdom in some few symbols, so the key to interpretation is Intuition, much more powerful and faster than reason, such as electric power compared to mechanics. Please, use your intuition — you have it, and it's very powerful — for interpretation of symbols and texts, according to the nature of your question... Your queries will be heard, and surely answered... We sincerely say: The best prediction is that which is dictated by your own Divine Spark, your Synthesis Number, your own Major Arcana... Cards are only a tool for those who know how to be attentive. Welcome friends!

Sri Hiram D’Azur